This page is under construction. You will find here testimonials corresponding to version 1 of Zhongyi Pro marketed in 2010 and whose current version is the successor while being much more complete and powerful. We are currently sending out customer experience surveys to collect the testimony of users of the current version which has only been marketed for a few months.

If you read this page and you are a Zhongyi Pro user, do not hesitate to contact us to tell us what you think. We will only indicate your first name and the initial of your name. We thank you in advance.


(Translated from French)

“Thanks again for this great job.”
Maryse B. TCM Practitioner

“In addition I wanted to congratulate you for your colossal work and extremely valuable for my studies of TCM”
Mohammed S. Student MTC

“this software rather excellent especially level database”
“Diagnosis help is well thought too !!”
“The potential is great”
“So a big cheer for all this work”
David V. Osteopathy TCM Practitioner

“Goodbye to all the acu or pharma books that clutter our cabinets, this tool replaces them all!”
“a tool at once meticulous and huge”
“Useful for finding a single point performing various therapeutic actions when we want to use the fewest possible points, we can for example see if there is no contraindication to combine two formulas, as is often done. can also see if we overdose a product in a formula, and many other things … All these functions one utility which one would be tempted to not happen any more. “
“I use it often to check data, or help me in complicated cases.”
“You can enter your own formula that has been composed for his patient, and the software will give you the exact temperature, its actions functions classified by force, and what it will cure. I made modifications of formulas thanks to that, which helped me a lot. “
“This software is really alive and suitable for professionals”
“Finally, what also attracted me at first glance is the ease and the pleasant side of the interface.”
Sébastien H. TCM Practitioner

“Personally, I evaluate and recognize the computer and conceptual work of this software I dreamed of … I have seen and tried several …
I appreciate it all the more when I see that it brings me a considerable gain of time in terms of databases and knowledge about TCM.
Again, ‘the machine will never replace the man’, but the technology helps us a lot and it is the result found with this software … “
“thank you for publishing this software”
H.N. Moderator Forum MTC, MTC Practitioner

“In the beginning, I had little experience and interest in computers, so I thought I would have a hard time getting out of it, it was a mistake, in less than an hour main functions that I need and that I use now daily. “
“The power of this tool is amazing”
“Not knowing the pharmacopoeia, it also allows me to learn this one, while making a parallel with the points.” Very interesting and useful “
Cédric D. Acupuncturist

“What is remarkable is the fidelity to the traditional approach.We do not learn new concepts alien to TCM, on the contrary, my knowledge of TCM deepen day by day through its use. “
“The actions and indications of formulas that appear or change while adding plants, it’s magic!”
Catherine B. Passionate about TCM

I installed and discovered a remarkable tool. Bravo is what we needed to improve our practice.
Thank you and I will not fail to promote this tool.
With my thanks and my respectful greetings “
C. D. Therapist (92)

Congratulations for this beautiful achievement. “
Philippe S. Author, teacher, therapist