Why Zhongyi Pro is unique in the world

This video explains why Zhongyi Pro is a unique software in the world and how the author managed to incorporate the synthesis of hundreds of thousands of information from Chinese classics in Zhongyi Pro.

An extraordinary software with a huge database faithful to the tradition which gives you the knowledge and the know-how of a master of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Interpret any medicinal formula (trade formula, formula found on the net or literature …).

– Make a relevant differential diagnosis.

– Find or create an effective treatment with acupuncture or pharmacopoeia.

– Modify existing formulas (pharmacopoeia or acupuncture) to adapt them to patients, create new ones.

– Check the compatibility between two formulas (in the case of concomitant intake).

– Look for formulas, plants, points according to very specific criteria.

– Find substitutes for products prohibited by law.

– Find an equivalent treatment in acupuncture to a medicinal formula and vice versa.

– Find the single most effective point for puncture or massage in any circumstance.

– Manage the patients and consultations, save the data, copy the content of the formulas to send it to your provider.

All in few minutes …