Create your medicinal or acupuncture formulas by dragging-and-dropping and see therapeutic actions evolve in real time.

– Save your own formulas and reuse them with a drag and drop to patient consultation sheets.

– Check the compatibility between medicinal formulas.

– Edit memo in a Microsoft Word format for each item, medicinals, medicinal or acupuncture formulas and XiaoFang.

– Visualize your favorite points, formulas, medicinals or, on the contrary, undesirable items.

– Visualize the location of acupuncture points on pseudo 3D illustrations.

– Display an unlimited number of windows simultaneously.

Have a global search for points, acupuncture or medicinal formulas, medicinals, Xiao Fang by an unlimited number of therapeutic actions and / or symptoms or diseases with a simple drag-and-drop.

Search Syndromes by dragging-and-dropping symptoms, have a help with the choice of syndrome, and an automatic determination of therapeutic actions and possible treatments (help with diagnosis).

–  Export / Import all your preferences from one computer to another.