See what you can do

– Interpret any medicinal formula (trade formula, formula found on the net or literature …).

– Make a relevant differential diagnosis.

– Find or create an effective treatment with acupuncture or pharmacopoeia.

– Modify existing formulas (pharmacopoeia or acupuncture) to adapt them to patients, create new ones.

– Check the compatibility between two formulas (in the case of concomitant intake).

– Look for formulas, plants, points according to very specific criteria.

– Find substitutes for products prohibited by law.

– Find an equivalent treatment in acupuncture to a medicinal formula and vice versa.

– Find the single most effective point for puncture or massage in any circumstance.

– Manage the patients and consultations, save the data, copy the content of the formulas to send it to your provider.

And much more…


Here are some samples of what you can do. Go to our YouTube channel to see many more educational examples