Still not convinced?

Still not convinced?
We have listed a few items here, along with our responses.
We have answered some of the questions through the site, but we will summarize everything here.

Is the software data compatible with my current knowledge?
Zhongyi’s data comes directly from classical Chinese works and is fully in line with current university teaching. If this is the case for your knowledge then you are in total agreement with Zhongyi Pro.

Do I depend on the software if I use it often? For example, can I still make diagnoses without using it?
Zhongyi Pro allows you to expand your vision permanently. In this sense it feeds new knowledge with each use and each research done with the help of it. Yes, you will be more efficient with than without but the use of this also makes you progress. In addition, since you can enter your own formulas, you enrich the software with your own knowledge. It is a synergy.

I don’t like to be dependent on machines, let alone computers. We are all surrounded by technology that is more or less useful to us. The question is whether it brings more opportunities than what it takes from us. Would you go without running water, electricity, emails or cars? The rapid development and consumption of technology has serious consequences for our planet and our environment. We are aware of this. Zhongyi only needs limited power to work. Even a twelve-year-old PC (with Windows 7) can run it.
Wouldn’t an online version be better? This is not the option we currently chose for several reasons. Zhongyi Pro only needs to be connected to the internet once a month for a few seconds, which gives you great independence, without needing to be connected to a network. You can use the software wherever you are. This being said, if the demand arises, we can develop a web version, but it will never be as powerful as the current PC version.
There is no Mac version, unfortunately. Yes indeed but our development tools do not currently exist for Mac. You can use Windows emulators for Mac (Parallels), which let you run Windows on a Mac. (see this link)
Isn’t it too difficult to use? You can find many examples on the site that show you how simple and quick it is to use the software. If you download the freemium version, you can check it out for yourself.

I’m afraid of losing my data in the event of a crash or other hardware problem.
You can save your patient data in Excel format, export it to another computer. In addition, important information, if you decide not to extend your license, the Freemium version will be able to read all your information previously created by a paid version.

It’s a bit expensive.
Zhongyi Pro is professional software. If you are a student, what is the price you consider justified to have the competence and efficiency of an experienced therapist, from your second year of study? If you are already a professional, a single consultation in the month reimburses the price of the monthly software license. Is it too expensive to pay compared to all the advantages that the software can give you? (Ultra-precise diagnosis and treatments, modification of formulas, safety, specific patient management, etc.).

If you have other concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.